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Talk To Briddge

Briddge's consulting sessions are both inspiring and transformative . They are designed to enhance leadership and personal development by harnessing one’s self awareness and purpose through basic questions. He has a passion personal growth and education. He is a certified personal development instructor with the Napoleon Hill Foundation and a certified GrowthWheel business advisor.

He is the CEO/Life and Business Consultant for Bridging Communities.

Dwayne Jenkins

Credit Expert and Consultant at Credit Kwon Do

Briddge is a God-send for individuals seeking self-improvement at both business and personal levels. Of all the aspects of his skillset, it's Anozaire's emotional intelligence that sets him a​part from other educators in his field. I highly recommend attending his future training sessions.

Markita Madden,

Programs Manager, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, VA

Briddge, “or Mr. O” as many of us have come to call him, serves with my organization as a member of our Education Committee and as a Chapter Board Member. He presents our programming often and continually seeks opportunities to share it within his community. He is a tremendous asset to our team who shares his personal story in a way that makes him both approachable and engaging. We are so grateful for his service and excited to see his role with our chapter grow.

Neil Khaund,

President and CEO of The National Society of Leadership and Success

Briddge has been a key member of the National Society of Leadership and Success Chapter (NSLS) at Virginia Wesleyan University and has completed a rigorous leadership training program through our organization.

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Character Strengths

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