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Welcome To My Arts Gallery

Anozaire Briddge Orius

Craft and Fine Artist

      We all have a way of expressing our thought, ideas or feelings. As a child, art was the only way that I could express my deepest feelings. I was born with the ability to draw and create. Art is a natural skill to me. Art has allowed me to be this ultimate architect to my own imaginary world where i can express myself fully and freely. Art has been my primary soulmate.

      Each piece I create is an expression from within or my appreciation for someone or something. I am a craft and fine artist. I tend to use a variety of techniques and objects in creating my works. Each of my pieces is door that leads to my world. They carry with them no specific interpretation other than the one attributed to them at the present observation. I am delighted in the confusion or or the additional explanation to my personal perspective with my prospective critic; You!

      Welcome to my world where I'm the master and slave to my passion!

Some of my Artworks...

The Guitarist


Le Thé (The Tea)

Pencil Drawing 11x14

Little Girl with The Flag

Pencil Drawing 18x24


Pencil Drawing


Colored Pencil Drawing 18x24


Colored Pencil Drawing 18x24


Marker Drawing

I invite you to contact me to request information about my art, inquiry about the purchase of artwork or check out my online store at:


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