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Meet Briddge​...

      From very humble beginnings in Port-De-Paix, Haiti; Anozaire Briddge Orius along with his mother and little sister migrated to the United States to join his father in 2008. At the age of 19, he realized the importance of financial literacy and its impact on the quality of life. With education being a strong passion of his, he began a career in financial services with Primerica in 2011. There, his primary focus was to help families gain financial Independence through education and guidance. During his time with Primerica, he discovered that financial literacy was not the main issue, but an imbalanced life was the primary issue that needed to be addressed. That discovery led him to establish his organization, Bridging Communities, in 2014. Bridging Communities is an organization that is focused on providing educational support services while assisting individuals in becoming self-sufficient by offering counseling, education, and other supportive services.

      Briddge believes that individuals can achieve a balanced life by understanding the core relationships that exist between the spiritual, financial, emotional, social, and physical areas of their lives.

      Over his 13-year journey, he became a devoted student of several great leaders and teachers, such as Art Williams, Gary Chappell, Anthony Robbins, Chloe Madanes, Tony Evans, Tom Hopkins, and Napoleon Hill. Through their leaderships and teachings, he has acquired education in the areas of finance, mental health, personal development, spiritual growth, relationship, and business development. He is a certified personal development instructor with the Napoleon Hill Foundation and a certified GrowthWheel business advisor.

      His mission is to assist individuals to achieve and maintain a well-balanced life as a life and business consultant, educator, and speaker. Most importantly, service and leadership have been among his dominant passions. His personal philosophy, which is how he views himself, is a BRIDDGE.

                                                     Believer with strong and unbreakable faith who

                                                     Responds with firmness to crisis while

                                                     Inventing ways to cross rivers of impossibilities with

                                                     Determination and

                                                     Discipline for

                                                     Greatness to

                                                     Empower others to do likewise and transcend.

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